Parental Child Relocation

Can I Move With My Child Out Of The State Of New Jersey?

New Jersey Courts recognize the importance of both parents maintaining close, bonded relationships with the children.  Thus, under New Jersey law, a parent cannot relocate with a child(ren) outside the State of New Jersey (and sometimes far distances within the state) without the consent of the other parent or Court Order.

​​In the decision to approve a permit to relocate, the Court must look at a number of issues to make sure the move/relocation is in the best interests of the child and does not diminish the relationship of the child and non-relocating parent. Those issues include, but are not limited to:

  • the reason for the move (whether it is a good faith reason, such as a new job, or simply for the purpose of preventing the other parent from seeing the children);
  • the distance of the proposed move;
  • the ability of the other parent to see the children and maintain a relationship;
  • whether the move would be detrimental to the children;
  • the advantages or disadvantages for the children in the new location;
  • and whether the other parent would also be able to relocate.


Whether you are seeking to move with your children out of New Jersey or need to challenge a proposed relocation by the other parent, we advise you to contact our experienced Sussex County Child Custody law office. We have substantial experience dealing with relocation matters and can effectively guide you through all stages of this difficult issue.

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