Equitable Distribution

Fairly Dividing Marital Assets And Debts

Decisions made during divorce proceedings regarding the division or distribution of marital assets and debts have the power to significantly affect each spouse’s future financial health. Based in Sparta, NJ, Clark Family Law, LLC helps clients in Sussex County, and throughout Northern New Jersey, leave marriages in a financially stable manner.

​We are dedicated to ensuring that your rights and interests in all marital assets are preserved.  We work diligently to ensure that our clients receive an equitable share of the marital estate.  Megan E. Clark, Esq. has extensive experience dealing with complex issues of valuation and distribution of a wide variety of assets, including but not limited to, real properties; corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships; restricted and unrestricted stock options; securities; retirement assets and valuable personal property.  When necessary, we work closely with other professionals such as appraisers, accountants, business valuation experts and financial planners to obtain accurate valuation of assets subject to equitable distribution. Similarly, any and all debts that were acquired during the marriage are also included in the equitable distribution.  Sometimes, one party may be unaware of the extent of the other party’s true indebtedness.  Clark Family Law, LLC will work diligently to ensure that all debts will be uncovered  and disclosed so that one party is not unjustly saddled with the burdensome debt of the other party.

If you are contemplating a divorce or are already going through the process, it is critical to seek out legal guidance on property and asset distribution. While in many cases the parties to a divorce can work with their lawyers to reach an agreement as to these issues outside of court, there are situations where the division of assets and liabilities will need to be decided by a judge.  Call the Law Firm that solely focuses on Divorce and Family Law Matters, not just ‘dabbles’ in it.


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