Child Custody

Don’t Risk Your Children’s Happiness. Resolve Your Child Custody Issues in Positive Ways.

The premise of Child Custody and parenting time (or ‘visitation’) in New Jersey is what is in the best interest(s) of the child(ren).  Generally, shared parenting arrangements are preferred, as children tend to thrive when they enjoy healthy, bonded relationships with both parents.  Often, the issues of child custody and parenting time can be resolved early in a case through negotiation and/or mediation.  Megan Clark is a highly effective negotiator who can advocate in preserving a working relationship between parties for the benefit of the child, while still securing the parenting plan desired by her client.


Unfortunately, sometimes negotiation isn’t as productive as we would desire, and the proverbial “custody battle” has to be decided in a courtroom.  With so many aspects of your child’s future hinging on the outcome of your court proceedings, you need to choose an experienced child custody lawyer.

​Clark Family Law has the litigation experience and in-depth knowledge of the New Jersey Child Custody laws to effectively and zealously represent any client in the most difficult of custody disputes.  Our goal is to help you obtain and enforce the custody and parenting time arrangement that not only protects your rights, but also serves the best interests of your children and the unique needs of your family.


Sometimes, the needs of your family and/or children will change over time.  When an existing custody agreement no longer meets those needs, we can assist you in seeking a new agreement.  We can likewise represent parties contesting a modification of the existing agreement.


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