Domestic Violence

The Protection You Need

Getting yourself and your loved ones away from an abusive relationship is not easy.  Just know you are not alone.  Each year, over 70,000 people in New Jersey report issues of physical & mental abuse, but sadly, even more go unreported.  The important thing to know is you have rights for the safety of yourself and your children. You can turn to the professionals at Clark Family Law, LLC to help protect you.

False Allegations


​Also disturbing is the number of false allegations of domestic violence. Couples inevitably argue and fight.  Not all disputes between romantic partners or household members rise to the level of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, some people utilize the availability of a Temporary Restraining Order to “punish” their significant other or household member for some perceived wrongdoing.  If this has happened to you, contact Clark Family Law, LLC right away.


Domestic violence issues are sensitive matters, with potentially serious consequences.  Restraining Orders can impact custody and parenting time, access to your home and employment opportunities.   Alarmingly, false domestic violence charges are sometimes used to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings or other conflicts.


At Clark Family Law LLC, we work diligently to protect victims of domestic violence from further abuse and also vigorously defend against false charges of domestic violence.  Don’t wait any longer, call today.