Trusted Sussex County Divorce Lawyer

The Law Office of Clark Family Law LLC has over 10 years of experience representing spouses in amicable (no-contest) and contested divorces in Sussex County, Morris County & Warren County in New Jersey. 

The divorce process, regardless of contestation, is a time of turbulence and strong emotions. It is critical that you understand all options available to you so that you can make the best decisions for you and your children’s futures. You may be dealing with unpleasant feelings, incidents of infidelity, psychological or physical harm from your spouse, or just general feelings of uncertainty about your and/or your children’s lives.


Megan Clark understands how difficult these circumstances are and has helped clients just like you weather the storm and come out of it with clarity of purpose and confidence in what the future holds.  


Navigating a divorce can be challenging.  Communication is important.  Megan Clark will listen to you and work with you directly to find out what’s most important for you.  She will develop a customized plan, specific to your unique needs and goals, that will cover everything such as Mediation, Division of Assets, Child Custody, Child Support, Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts, Spousal Support/Alimony, Domestic Violence/Protection from Abuse, and Parental Relocation.

From filing initial pleadings, to securing temporary support and parenting arrangements, to ultimate resolution of all issues incident to dissolution of a marriage, our Sussex County Divorce Lawyer will assist you with every stage of the divorce process.  We provide honest, realistic advice so that our clients have reasonable, attainable expectations when they mediate or litigate their divorce.  At all times, our attorneys remain committed to safeguarding your rights and interests, while helping you to reach a resolution that meets your family’s unique needs. We can also offer legal help in matters of modifiying portions of the Divorce Agreement.  For more information or to schedule your no-cost legal consultation, call Clark Family Law, LLC at 973-729-0319.  Our office is located in Sparta, NJ in the heart of Sussex County, NJ.  We are minutes away from Newton, Andover, Jefferson Township, Lafayette, Hamburg, Franklin, Vernon & Branchville.